Tentacle Locker Game APK Download Free for Android [Updated]

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I was looking for a game to play on my phone and I came across Tentacle Locker. It’s an explicit comic book-based video game with some intimate scenes.

What is Tectacle Locker Game APK?

Tectacle Locker Game is an app that was released in the Google Play Store on June 23, 2016. It has been downloaded more than 20k times with a 4.5 star rating and almost 400 reviews. The game is based off of comics which are explicit and bold with intimate scenes.

  • Intimate scenes
  • Explicit comic-based video game
  • Fun for adults

The game starts by choosing your character (male or female) who wakes up to find themselves locked inside Tectacle Lockers with no idea how they got there or what their goal is.

  • Stay entertained for hours with this comic book-based video game
  • Gain insights about what erotica is all about!
  • Get a better sense of how our desires and interests change over time.

You then have to explore the locker room, looking for clues as you try to solve puzzles until you find the key that will release them from this unfortunate predicament! This game includes nudity but it does not show any genitals–you can’t see anything

Tectacle Locker is a Tentacle Locker Game that is based on comics. The explicit and intimate scenes in this game are bold and exciting, providing a lot of fun for gamers.

Tentacle Locker Game has three levels:

  • Normal,
  • Hard, and
  • Crazy.

In each level there will be different monsters to fight with different skills to make the player’s experience more challenging as they progress through the levels.

There are also Five Difficulty Modes from which you can choose from:

  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Hard
  • Insane
  • or Nightmare mode

Where you need to survive for as long as possible before time runs out or your health bar reaches zero . You can also customize your character by choosing between twelve different playable characters including pirates, ninjas , cowboys and others –


Tentacle Locker starts off pretty tame with just a few tentacles, but as you progress through the game more and more will appear until it becomes something out of your wildest dreams.

The explicit scenes are bold and exciting, providing hours of fun for gamers who enjoy this type of thing! If you’re looking for an Android Game to play on your phone or tablet that is both challenging yet easy enough to pick up at any time then Tentacle Lockers might be right up your alley.

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