ESP Hack PUBG Mobile or No Root ESP APK is currently the most advanced way to hack PUBG. People use it to use Wallhack, Aimbot, and Lua scripts. This will improve your score and ultimately help your opponent score higher.
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ESP Hack PUBG Mobile or No Root ESP APK is currently the most advanced way to hack PUBG. People use it to use Wallhack, Aimbot, and Lua scripts. This will improve your score and ultimately help your opponent score higher.

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Therefore, this article describes how to use the No Root ESP APK in PUBG Lite, Global, and Korean versions. It also provides a complete step-by-step tutorial for rooted Android devices.

What is No Root ESP APK?

No Root ESP APK is an all-in-one PUBG Mobile hacking application with no root access. Comes with a mod menu that allows you to select a specific hack to use during the game. In addition, PUBG Mobile’s No Root ESP also provides support for bandwidth protection. So you don’t have to worry about account bans.

pubg esp hack apk, as the name implies, is a program specially designed for PUBGM players who can’t play like a pro or want to surprise someone and friends under tricks.

It allows you to completely control your opponent with several tricks that activate at the same time, which allows you to choose from a list depending on the situation and your choice.

What is ESP Hack PUBG Mobile?

esp hack pubg mobile apk download is a complete package of various PUBG Mobile hacks in application formats. This means you don’t have to specifically import the script into your Game Guardian app and run it in your game. However, you must use a virtual or dual-space application and a good VPN to get support for the ban.

esp hack pubg mobile apk download covers all major hacks, including 360 radar, range hacks, and wall hacks. The biggest benefits of using the ESP Hack PUBG APK are: Reduce the error rate by cutting the game to near zero. In other words, it is now less susceptible to bans.

By analogy, this is a small tool in PUBG Mobile, so developers didn’t focus too much on app design. Despite the slightly visually repulsive user interface, hacks are easy to find.

What is PUBG Mobile ESP Hack APK?

PUBG Mobile ESP Hack APK is an Android application used to optimize PUBG games for mobile. Therefore, run scripts such as automatic headshots and high jumps. It also has a built-in GGModz Pro feature that can be run on the root instead of the root.

Note: This article is just for educational purpose. We are not responsible for any damage or banned accounts.

Download No Root ESP APK To Hack PUBG 

Here is the latest version of esp hack pubg mobile apk download for Rooted and Non-rooted devices:

Key Features Of No Root ESP APK

  • Support Aimbot.
  • Support Wallhack.
  • Antiban.
  • Support recoil.
  • You can see crosshair.
  • Enemy Names.
  • Enemy Vehicles.

Hack list in Pubg ESP Hack APK No Root:

The list of hacks available on the pubg esp hack is quite long so we have dived them according to the categories of players, vehicles, and items, detailing the names and IDs where these cheats could be utilized.

Player Hacks

  • Distance
  • Health
  • Enemy Count
  • Skeleton
  • Player Box
  • Tracer: Default
  • Box ADJ
  • Player Name

Vehicle Hacks

  • Bikes
  • Mirado
  • Buggy
  • BRDM
  • TukTuk
  • UAZ
  • Dasia
  • Tri-bike


  • AWM
  • KAR-98
  • M-24
  • AirDrop
  • Pan
  • M416
  • AKM
  • 5.56 and 7.62 ammo
  • Enemy Box
  • Flare
  • Scopes
  • SCAR-L

How to use ESP PUBG Apk:

Using an ESP hack for PUBG is very easy. You need to download the apk app at the bottom of this article. Tap or click the button to start the download. Once the file is saved in your Android device folder, install it like any other apk.

When the process is complete, launch the app and game. A floating icon will be displayed on the screen of your smartphone. Tap the icon that scrolls down the list of hacks on the screen.

Then, when you start the game, you’ll see the tricks implemented in the game. It’s time to surprise your enemies in a superpower.

How To Install & Use No Root ESP APK On PUBG Mobile?

Step #1. Download the APK from the link mentioned above.

Step #2. Install the APK normally.

Step #3. Download and install the Virtual Space app.

Step #4. Add Desi ESP APK and PUBG Mobile into the dual space.

Step #5. Launch ESP and tap on the SHOW HACK button, then launch PUBG Mobile.

Step #6. Now from the floating icon choose any hack and toggle it ON while in PUBG.


There are many methods available to hack PUBG mobile but not all are promising. Hence, I have found this ESP Hack PUBG Mobile is very helpful; also, it works on every Android device out there. (Rooted and Non-rooted)

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