How much RAM is enough for mobile?

The RAM is a very important component of any device.

Now I am going to tell you somethings about RAM.

  • The need of a good ram depends on three thing,
  • What you do on your phone, like playing heavy games on it.
  • What type of processor you have.
  • And your Android Version.

Firstly if you are a die-hard gamer than you should take a phone having minimum of 8 GB ram (with other good specs).

Some Android phone Companies launch phones with latest Android but with 3 GB of RAM, Then I wanna Suggest you, don’t take such phones with low ram and latest Android Versions, because most of the ram is Consumed by the Android itself and you get very less to use, which leads to hanging problem in the phone.

So, finally I want to suggest you that, if you are a gamer, (but not crazy about them much), and do other work on your phone, which doesn’t allow any heavy application to be installed on your phone, then 4–6 GB of RAM, with latest Android and other specs, is enough to use without any hanging problem.

This is my own experience with phones, that I suggest you here.

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