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YouTube Red APK is YouTube’s premium version. It has a lot of features and background games. Continue reading to learn how to download and install the most recent version of this app on your Android device.

Everyone uses YouTube, which is the world’s largest video streaming platform. People watch and upload thousands of videos here every day, if not hourly.

With your daily use of YouTube, I’m sure you’ve always wished for an ad-free experience with this incredible app. So, here you have YouTube Red Apk, also known as YouTube Vanced Apk.

About Youtube Red APK


YouTube Red is a modified apk of the original YouTube. This app allows you to watch videos without interruptions and supports background play.

So, if you’re listening to a song on YouTube and want to turn off your screen, you can. You do, however, have complete control over other aspects, such as the ability to enable or disable the info cards and suggestions.

This app is entirely free and does not require root access. You can install YouTube Red without deleting the official YouTube app. Anyway, let us quickly go over the app’s summary.

Version Details

NameYouTube Red Apk
Required Android Version2.3+

Download YouTube Red Apk For Android

I’m glad that you have finally reached the download section of the app. If you’re looking for the download link here it is.

Also Check to Download:

If you want to sign in to the YouTube Red App you will need a patch called Micro-G. Here’s the download link for that.

Done? Now, here are the features that YouTube Red offers.😍

Key Features

Block Ads on YouTube

youtube red app

With the whole new ad-blocking system this app provides the premium experience without frustrating you with ads.

Pinch to zoom into the videos

If you ever wish to zoom into your videos, you can simply pinch into the video just like in photos. This feature is enabled on all devices.

Works on Chromcast


You can now cast videos on Smart TV.

Play YouTube Videos in Background

background play support

Use other apps or play videos when the screen is off.

Save YouTube Videos to Device

Now you can easily save/download any videos to your device to watch offline.

What’s New?

The latest version has the following new functionalities.

  1. Override the max resolution limit. Go to Settings -> IYTBP Settings
  2. Preferred video quality switching.
  3. Enable/Disable branding watermark on videos. Go to Settings -> IYTBP Settings.
  4. New Ad blocking methods are implemented.

How to Install YouTube Red Apk On Android

Installing the YouTube Red apk is simple. However, you need an app called Micro-G for signing in. Just follow the below steps and you will get the idea.

Step 1. Download both the apps from the above link.

Step 2. Install them normally.

Step 3. Open up YouTube Red and search to play your favorite videos.

Step 4. Open Micro-G App to sign in to YouTube to get personalized recommendations.

Step 5. Go to Settings -> IYTBP Settings for more options.

How to Enable/Disable Dark Mode or Dark Theme on YouTube Red?

Step 1. Click on the Profile picture on the top-right corner.

Step 2. Open settings.

Step 3. Open vanced settings.

Step 4. Next up, open layout settings.

Step 5. Lastly, toggle ON Dark watch or Dark Theme.

How To Fix Not Able To Sign In to YouTube Red?

Download the Micro-G patch/mod app for YouTube and install it as mentioned in the steps above. Once done, you will be able to Sign In to YouTube Red Apk without any trouble.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About YouTube Red APK

Even after making it till here, if you have any questions in your mind please go through the below FAQ section about YouTube Red Apk For Android.

Does this app works in the background?

Yes, of course as this is the vanced version of YouTube it supports background music play.

Is it safe to use YouTube Red?

Yes, completely safe to use.

I’m facing a problem in installing the app, what should I do?

Try to check if an unknown app installation is allowed or not. Then try again, if it still gives you error then download the latest version from our website.

Final Thoughts

I’ve been using YouTube Red for a long time because it simplifies my life. Whenever I want to listen to a song that is only available on YouTube. I can simply activate the background play mode.

However, its other features are equally impressive. I hope you enjoy using the YouTube Red Apk. Please share your thoughts in the comments section below. Also, make sure to tap the below icon on the right bottom to receive timely website notifications.


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