Download Minecraft Versi Lama for PC and Android

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download Minecraft Versi Lama is a game about building and exploring worlds full of adventure, fighting off dangerous creatures, and protecting your buildings. There are many different types of blocks to build with which help you create amazing structures. You can also download Minecraft Versi Lama for free on PC!

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Minecraft Versi Lama is the latest version of Minecraft that has been released after Minecraft 1.5.2 . This version includes new mobs , items , biomes , enchantments , foods & more that weren’t available in previous versions of the game or were added in later updates like Minecraft pe 0.15 .0 apk mod apkpure . To play this game you need to install java (latest version) on.

What is Download Minecraft Versi Lama APK?

The game Download Minecraft pe Versi Lama is one of the most popular video games in recent years. It’s usually played by itself or with other people, but this time it was created to be an educational tool for children who have trouble focusing at school due to various reasons.

The goal behind crafting items and exploring a vast world full of adventure can also help students learn how things work under different circumstances without being limited by what they know so far from just their classroom experience!

Application Details

Operating systemAndroid
WriterAvil Villa
Size258.00 MB
Published Date 2021-11-08

Minecraft Versi Lama Features:

  • Multiplayer
  • Add-Ons
  • Unlimited Exploration

Download Minecraft Versi Lama Mod APK

Download Minecraft Versi Lama Mod APK is one of the most popular games in this day and age, but did you know that there’s an old version available for free? For those who can’t wait or don’t want to download it on their PC/Macs they may wish try out Minecraft Android instead.

To do so smoothly though requires at least 2GB RAM! You should check with your phone if any apps are taking up all system resources before playing Minecraft because some phones have less than what is needed when running something like this app which utilizes lots upon its memory space very quickly.

How to Install APK Minecraft Lama PC and Android

If you have finished downloading the old version of Minecraft for free on a PC or on Android, you can install it right away.

Well, how to install the old version of Minecraft on PC and Android is really easy, gang. You can directly see the article below for the steps!


Minecraft Versi Lama is an amazing game that has been played by many people over the years. With new updates, there are even more adventures to explore and buildings to build than ever before! The possibilities of what you can create in this game are endless with all of the different blocks available for use. If you’ve never tried it, download it today for free on PC, Android or Apple devices!

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