WhatsApp Postpones New Privacy Terms Amid Backlash

Everyone knows there is an ongoing backlash due to WhatsApp’s privacy policies. The backlash was not only from the United States but was also received by many other countries such as India, Africa, the United Kingdom and many others.

Some countries are also considering banning Facebook related apps as well, that’s why WhatsApp made the decision, yes! You heard right! The company faced various setbacks from all over the world and was subjected to unbearable pressure.

Because of all this, WhatsApp suddenly shared this tweet and told people that they are not deleting any accounts and they are not going anywhere.

WhatsApp has also noticed that people are turning to other chat platforms such as Telegram and Signal. Telegram also reported that 25 million new users joined within 72 hours when WhatsApp announced their new policies.

With this “signal”, WhatsApp realized that it had to reconsider its decision, so it tweeted the above lines, and now users officially have more time to understand whether or not to leave WhatsApp! You can read the new guidelines and privacy policies in the notification that WhatsApp displays to each user!

WhatsApp already collects enough data about you and has already shared it on Facebook so that they can show people relevant ads and make much more money than ever before.

The move came after the controversy over Apple and Facebook ads where Apple does not allow Facebook to read its user database due to privacy and not because it is an issue but because it is also a privacy issue for Apple users.


It is totally up to you whether you need to use WhatsApp or not, but remember WhatsApp is the best messaging app still, so yes we at AvilVilla will be continuing to use it throughout as all messages are encrypted and WhatsApp has no access to them, but your IP address, IMEI, name, and other stuff is visible to WhatsApp.

Thanks for reading! Keep reading, Keep sharing!

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