What are the Good Antivirus Software for the Computer

On the topic of Good Antivirus Software, such as which one is easier to install, or whether the computer is necessary to install antivirus software, etc., many friends are different and argue endlessly. As for which software to install on their own computer, it is only a matter of spending each eye, which one you like to install.

Good Antivirus Software

Some people think that it is necessary to install anti-virus software on a computer, because it can clean up system junk, manage startup items, resist computer threats such as Trojan viruses, and avoid the troubles of rogue plug-ins. Some people think that they do not need to be installed.

First, they are worried that anti-virus software will cause the computer to freeze, and second, it will cause the computer to install a lot of unnecessary software inexplicably, just like “kidnapping”.

So, do we need to install antivirus software? Needed? So which one is better to install?

Xiaobian’s took advantage of the free time to experience a variety of antivirus software, such as Kaspersky, in terms of comprehensive favorability, it is Xiaobian’s favorite one. In addition to Kaspersky, ESET is also a well-localized first-line security software.

It is similar to Microsoft’s strategy. It often releases free applications for three months or half a year. As long as you keep paying attention, you can always continue to use it for free.


During the period, I also downloaded and installed Bitdefender. In terms of protection, I personally think it is better than Kabbah. And the official often releases free activation codes for half a year, which is equivalent to free in disguise. 

There is also Avira, commonly known as the little red umbrella, which has always been a word-of-mouth product in the industry, and its killing ability and fluency are both top performers. The last one is F-Secure, which is the first-tier security software in its ability to detect and kill. However, after installation, it is found that it will be very slow to start QQ.

Although I have tossed so many antivirus software, I finally uninstalled them one by one, because the Windows Defender that comes with win10 is powerful enough. In the process of using the computer, Windows Defender can fully meet our daily needs, whether in virus protection, firewall network or performance optimization, the effect is leverage, and the official one is absolutely risk-free!

Windows Defender

But if you are worried that the built-in one cannot deal with the virus well, then, as long as it is a regular antivirus software, it is completely ok to choose any of the above tossed software! What do you think?

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