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Custom 3D app-fit orthotics, designed and ordered directly from your smartphone. With photos taken in the Appyeet App custom Orthotic will be built for you with detailed questions that are answered by their team of experts who have been through this process before so they know what it takes to get a perfect fit without sacrificing comfort!

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What is Appyeet APK?

The following passage is about an Australian company called “Appyeet” which creates customized footbeds outfitted specifically for each individual customer’s needs via digital technology: “Customization has had solid roots within our industry.

  • Custom orthotics designed for you
  • Guaranteed perfect fit every time
  • Don’t need to use old cast molds or gel/alginate impressions
  • No waiting, order today

Custom 3D app-fit orthotics, designed with your smartphone in mind. AppyFeet liquid filled ones are clinically proven to relieve foot pain and associated symptoms! With photo captures inside of the software that’s customized just for you, along with detailed questions about what type or severity they’re experiencing so far — this process will have them quickly built out by our techs who send right away too.

If you’re like me and feel the need to binge watch Netflix every night, then you know how quickly that can lead to some pretty awful foot pain. I’m talking about the kind of pain where even standing on one foot is a challenge. Well, after trying everything from inserts and orthotics to wearing comfortable shoes (which by the way didn’t work) I was finally able to find something that did: liquid-filled orthotics!


The Appyeet APK App is a new, free app that allows you to create custom 3D orthotics in the palm of your hand. All you need are two or three clear photos taken with any camera or phone and these can be uploaded directly through the app for instant ordering. It’s not only convenient but also affordable! Click here if you want more information about this exciting new technology today!

If you’re looking for a custom 3D app-fit orthotics, designed and ordered directly from your smartphone with photos taken in the Appyeet APK App FREE Download, then we have just what you need. We offer free consultations so that our team of experts can help create an individualized plan to address your problem areas.

At no cost or obligation whatsoever, let us provide some relief by designing the perfect solution for all of your foot pains! Contact us today to get started on this life changing journey towards better health. Your feet will thank you later!

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